This is an attempt to share the daily experience with my new apple imac. In doing so I will be adding some interesting information either I find on the net or create by myself. Obviously I have neither any influence nor control over any of the external links you find on this blog. Happy Reading!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

First Post

On the 01/12/2005 I bought my very first apple computer. It is an iMac G5 comes with an integrated iSight camera. 2.1 GHz processor, 20’ Screen, 250GB HDD and a 8x Superdrive. Being a Linux user for a while it didn't take me too long to get use to the new system. However there were couple of things which I find different from Linux or even from Windows.

So I am trying to explore the new operating system while giving some hints and tricks, which I may find along the way. I hope this will be some kind of help to anyone visiting this site. I would be glad to hear your ideas and comments, which may helpful to other readers as well.


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