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Friday, February 10, 2006

Connect to a samba server running on SuSE Linux from OSX

After couple of painful attempts I have managed to connect to my Samba server running on a PC with 5 operating systems. The operating systems running include SuSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Mandriva and Windows XP. Now that the Samba server is perfectly running I am able to connect to windows partitions through Samba server running on SuSE linux (SuSE Linux & Windows XP installed on the same PC) with my iMac. Here is how you do it.

In SuSE Linux

First you have to configure Samba server. Click on Yast configuration tool and enter the root password.
Go to Network Services and select Samba Server. Then Yast will guide you through, easy to understand, Samba configuration. Once it is done Yast will activate the Samba server.
If you want it to start during boot up you should activate it through System -> System Services, still in Yast. In System Services select Expert Mode and search for smb service. Choose “Enable Service” by clicking Set/Reset button. Now you should re-start the service by clicking "Start Now" button.

One other service you need to activate is the nmb. This can be activated exactly the same way you activated smb.

Now you should see the folders, which can be access through OSX under Network. However I had difficulty logging in using the Samba password which I have given during the Samba configuration. So I had to create a Samba user in /etc/samba//smbusers (in SuSE Linux).

Open the Linux terminal, type su and press enter. Enter the root password.
To edit smbusers use the following command.
gedit /etc/samba/smbusers Press enter.
When the file opens on gedit you can add a user.
nobody = guest (Of course you can give some other name you like)
Now save the file and close gedit.

Still in terminal use the following command to give a password to the user you have added.
#smbpasswd –a guest
Enter the password twice.

You are done.


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