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This is an attempt to share the daily experience with my new apple imac. In doing so I will be adding some interesting information either I find on the net or create by myself. Obviously I have neither any influence nor control over any of the external links you find on this blog. Happy Reading!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Can someone figure out what I am doing wrong here? I tried it on Windoz and it works fine.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Dashboard Widgets

Here you will find loads of widgets depending on your personal taste and requirements. One particular widget could be interesting for someone who placed an order with Apple Store and frequently looking for order status. Go and download Shopping - Apple Order Status.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

iMac Benchmark Tests

Slowly iMac benchmark tests are appearing on the net. Those who are interested in iMac tests click here. I will try to list some more tests in the coming days.

Mr. Mossberg wrote this article comparing the old and the new iMacs. Though there aren't any detailed facts and figures it is an interesting read.

If you are happy iMac G5 user this article may make you even happier, at least for the time being.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Google Earth

Finally, Google Earth is available for the Mac users. You can download it from here.

Steve Jobs Introduces two new referbished product lines

Bought my iMac month ago thinking it would remain in market for a while. But today Steve Jobs introduced two furbished products including an iMac with twice the horsepower it had previously. I should have seen it coming. Nevertheless I am happy with the performance of mine. It should be enough to do all my stuff for a while.

Apple changed the name of it's PowerBook to MacBook Pro. I don't like the name but performance improvement is phenomenal.

All the live updates from the mac world in San Francisco can be found here.

If you are interested to know some important differences between the new intel based iMac and the old model you should read this article.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mac Books

Since I am quite new to Apple I have decided to read some books about OSX. The first book I bought is The Missing Manual. I would recommend it for a beginner or an intermediate level user. The Missing Manual covers many topics that a Mac user should know and it accompanies lots of screenshots to make things simple.

I have borrowed Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed just to see whether it has anything interesting to offer. I am positively surprised the way it is written. Being a Linux user for a long time this book looks quite familiar. It is perhaps not The Book for a beginner but quite useful for someone who likes to explore OSX deeper. I haven's seen "Mac OS X for Unix Geeks" but some of my friends seems to be liking it a lot.

The Mac Xcode 2 Book is the third book I would recommend to an absolute beginner in programming. There are detail explanations to relatively few topics so it is definitely not for a hardcore programmer. But if you are about to start learning some useful tips about programming under OSX, this book has some things to offer. It also contains lots of screen shots (I think some them are not even necessary). It is also relatively expensive for its content.

This is my personal opinion. If you are interested, click on the relevant links to find out more.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Mac Forums

I have found some really good forums for Mac users.

The mac-forums and the macrumors are two of the best. Perhaps you may not be able to use free e-mail address(yahoo, hotmail) to register though.

C++ Programming with XCode2

In one of my previous articles I wrote about the difficulty I had writing C++ programs in XCode 2. After bit of googling I managed to find the answer to that. Here is how I did it.

1) Load XCode and click File -> New Project.
2) Select C++ Tools.
3) Select the destination and a name to the project.
4) In the project folder you should see three files.
5) Double click on main.cpp and enter your code. (When you click on main.cpp you should see the code for displaying “Hello, World!”).
6) Save your project.
7) Click on Build and Go.

Bingo, you are done.

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Apple News

Here are list of sites where you could read latest and greatest news on Apple. They not listed in any particular order.
Think Secret
World of Apple
MacGadget (German)

If you know some other interesting sites just let me know.

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Applications for OSX

I have found couple of interesting sites for the people interested in OSX applications. One of the coolest sites is The applications are categorize into various fields depending on the usage. User can immediately see whether the app. concern is a freeware, shareware or even price of commercial software.

The is mostly dedicated for freeware and shareware. You have to register to take advantage of all the functionalities but it is for free.

Check out Cool OSX Apps if you want to know some background information about an app. before you download. Here you will also find the apps. listed under different categories.

Posted 07.01.2006
Some more stuff I found about OSX applications

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mac Troubleshooting

Last couple of days were bit too busy due to New Year celebrations. But I have found some interesting websites for those who are having problems with there macs. Mac OS X HINTS is quite a popular site where you can find all sorts of tweaks and nicely organized help forums. Articles are added quite frequently so the reader can always find something new to tryout.

I found MacMEND by chance. But it is a cool site. You have to register before accessing the forum. The highlights are the recommendation for books, downloads and nice search function.

MacFixIt is another popular site with loads of hints. However I find the forum a bit messy and difficult to browse.

For the German speakers I could recommend MAC OSX HINTS. You got to register first to make use of all the services but it is for free. You can even subscribe to a free mail account(15mb). An active community and lords of help.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention apple's very own support center.

If you guys know any other interesting sites do not forget to add as a comment.